Solutions to software crashes

Samebug locates the relevant solutions to your software crashes utilising its expert community and solution database. So you can spend time on what really matters.
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You get relevant solutions to crashes faster

Paste your stack trace in Samebug's search engine and we parse and analyze it using semantics to search in publicly available databases such as Stack Overflow, GitHub issues and mailing lists. Your privacy is important to us so you never have to worry about your stack trace finding its way into the world.

You are not alone when you face a crash

In our community, the common factor is the stack trace. By analyzing it, we can automatically connect you to other developers all over the world who have had the same bug. You can help each other by marking and writing short solutions.




Tips per hour



Integrated with your IDE

Integration allows you to get solutions from the database, ask for help from others with the same bug and write solutions without switching to the internet and abandoning your workflow.