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Samebug provides resources to help you fix crashes efficiently.
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Samebug integrates with your IDE

It recommends solutions and enables collaboration with your teammate on a bug while working on your code. No more switching to the internet and abandoning your workflow.

You are not alone when you face a crash

"I started using samebug from few days and I fell in love with the product your team is building."Sri
"I just got my first bug resolved through rather than searching on Google. I found a solution surprisingly fast."Roberto
"Found @samebug today. Idk if I'm behind times or not but so effing awesome."Sam

Stress-free debugging

Tips and Tricks

Samebug analyzes all JAVA stack traces on the web and suggests possible solutions to your problem ranked by relevance.

Don't reinvent solutions

We automatically recommend a teammate or someone from the community who has had the same crash to help you solve it.

Private knowledge base

In-house knowledge base when you cannot release your stack trace to the public. You still have access to community knowledge.

Your data is protected


Your content is not sensitive. You are free to make it publicly available on the Internet.


Your content is sensitive. Only people you grant access to can view any of it. Others won't even know it exists.


Middle ground between Public and Private. Your stack trace is private, but the content attached to it is public.

How to deal with ClassNotFoundException

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