50% of development
is debugging
Cut this down to 5% with AI tools
  • error heatmap
  • prefix-based grouping
  • auto-merge
  • Available for:

    Gain control over your errors

    Managing errors in Sentry can quickly
    become overwhelming when they start
    coming in from production.

    Display them graphically with Samebug to
    clearly see how they are spread out. You never
    have to check each individual bug again

    Why Samebug
    Your data is safe with us
    We keep all your data secured on our Google Cloud servers in the US. We
    understand that security is a top priority when it comes to anything involving
    application architecture so we are ready to handle all error and personal data
    with care. If you need more information, get in touch via email at
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    Free initial error profiling.
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    Supported technologies
    1. Android
    2. Java
    3. JavaScript
    4. NodeJS
    5. Kotlin
    6. Python
    7. TypeScript