package$.error() has thrown a RuntimeException

@code RuntimeException} is the superclass of those exceptions that can be thrown during the normal operation of the Java Virtual Machine.

{@code RuntimeException} and its subclasses are unchecked exceptions. Unchecked exceptions do not need to be declared in a method or constructor's {@code throws} clause if they can be thrown by the execution of the method or constructor and propagate outside the method or constructor boundary. @author Frank Yellin @jls 11.2 Compile-Time Checking of Exceptions @since JDK1.0

at scala.sys.package$.error

Typical Exception Messages

  1. Nonzero exit code: 1
  2. No main class detected.
  3. Nonzero exit code returned from runner: 1
  4. Nonzero exit value: 1
  5. <No message>
  6. Repository for publishing is not specified.
  7. Native build script exit code: 255
  8. Tests unsuccessful
  9. Nonzero exit value: 128
  10. There is no started application

Specific cases

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    Nonzero exit code: 1
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    Setting value cannot be null: {file:/Users/dnw/dev/sbt-0.13/}/*:gitCurrentBranch
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    Could not create directory /home/jenkins/workspace/AC-master-coverage/target/scala-2.10/classes.bak
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    Nonzero exit code: 1
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    Nonzero exit code returned from runner: 1
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    Cannot find subschema for class com.iov42.serialisation.kafka.avro4sbug.One
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    Cannot figure out how to run target:
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