SessionImpl.firePersist() has thrown an IllegalArgumentException

Thrown to indicate that a method has been passed an illegal or inappropriate argument. @author unascribed @since JDK1.0
at org.hibernate.internal.SessionImpl.firePersist

Typical Exception Messages

  1. Unknown entity: entities.Customer
  2. Unknown entity:persistence.dao.EntityDaoTest$$anonfun$13$$anonfun$14$$anon$5
  3. Unknown entity:
  4. Unknown entity: com.arangodb.Child

Specific cases

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  1. haqer1via GitHub2 months ago
    Unknown entity: com.arangodb.Child
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  2. DRFvia Stack Overflow4 months ago
    Unknown entity: entities.Customer
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  3. Sergeyvia Stack Overflow5 months ago
    Unknown entity:persistence.dao.EntityDaoTest$$anonfun$13$$anonfun$14$$anon$5
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