Assert.isTrue() has thrown an IllegalArgumentException

at org.springframework.util.Assert.isTrue

Typical Exception Messages

  1. @ConditionalOnMissingBean annotations must specify at least one bean (type, name or annotation)
  2. Folder must not be a file
  3. [Assertion failed] - this expression must be true
  4. Async support must be enabled on a servlet and for all filters involved in async request processing. This is done in Java code using the Servlet API or by adding "<async-supported>true</async-supported>" to servlet and filter declarations in web.xml. Also you must use a Servlet 3.0+ container
  5. Only the target location may be specified
  6. Target bean is not of type of the persistent entity!
  7. URL must start with 'jdbc'
  8. Either use @Param on all parameters except Pageable and Sort typed once, or none at all!
  9. 'spring/index?error' is not a valid redirect URL
  10. Cannot send message after connection closed.

Specific cases


krasniqi.vesa, 9 months ago

If you are trying to get a specific page of results, try first defining that page.

Check the source of this solution for more info

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    [Assertion failed] - this expression must be true
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    When defining @Publisher on a void-returning method, an explicit payload expression that does not rely upon a #return value is required.
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    [Assertion failed] - this expression must be true
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