Assert.notNull() has thrown an IllegalArgumentException

Thrown to indicate that a method has been passed an illegal or inappropriate argument. @author unascribed @since JDK1.0
at org.springframework.util.Assert.notNull

Typical Exception Messages

  1. A ServletContext is required to configure default servlet handling
  2. [Assertion failed] - this argument is required; it must not be null
  3. Cannot load an ApplicationContext with a NULL 'contextLoader'. Consider annotating your test class with @ContextConfiguration or @ContextHierarchy.
  4. Class must not be null
  5. PersistentEntity must not be null!
  6. WebApplicationContext is required
  7. Target object must not be null
  8. URI must not be null
  9. Resource must not be null
  10. ResourceLoader must not be null

Specific cases

External results for this pattern (504)

  1. santoshraju621via GitHub1 week ago
    'name' must not be null
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  2. Unable to load dataset from "personTestData.xml" using class com.github.springtestdbunit.dataset.FlatXmlDataSetLoader
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  3. ConcurrentModel does not support null attribute value
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  4. fixakovia GitHub1 week ago
    Unable to find the main class to restart
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  5. Elisa Dielvia Atlassian JIRA1 week ago
  6. adevedovia Stack Overflow2 weeks ago
    ServletContext must not be null
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