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NumberFormatException crashes

Collection of 7758 web pages containing stack traces of java.lang.NumberFormatException

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We found 7758 bugs on the web resulting in java.lang.NumberFormatException.

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  1. Post-review: The length of fasta does not match that suggested by the cprops file

    via Google Groups by Yuan Tao2 months ago
    For input string: "K00339:108:HV3T3BBXX:8:1103:19776:35761/2"
  2. [JIRA] (JENKINS-54596) can't parse argument number: changelog.url

    via Google Groups by pengy...@outlook.com (JIRA)2 months ago
    For input string: "changelog.url"
  3. JMXMon Samples Collector. How to get an element of an array of values

    via Google Groups by Aksiniya Ryzhova2 months ago
    For input string: "[J@37abc20b"
  4. [Mifos-developer] LOAN TRANSACTION IMPORT

    via Google Groups by Zayyad A. Said2 months ago
    For input string: "1010000000001"
  5. Luke 5.5 java error

    via Google Groups by Unknown author2 months ago
    Value out of range. Value:"151" Radix:10
  6. Another actionListener

    via Oracle Community by 8437893 months ago
    empty String
  7. Entering in a strictly 10 digit phone number.

    via Oracle Community by 8437893 months ago
    For input string: "aaaaaaaaaa"
  8. GitHub iconM24-UI for dyn’ shapes - No validation for invalid inputs while creating Dynamic shapes

    via GitHub by helenayele3 months ago
    For input string: "-sfsdfswe"
  9. GitHub icon@ApiParam annotation NumberFormatException bug

    via GitHub by haochencheng3 months ago
    For input string: ""
  10. GitHub iconno input validation

    via GitHub by Siwel-Yelpoc3 months ago
    For input string: "c"