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UnsupportedOperationException crashes

Collection of 6052 web pages containing stack traces of java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException

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We found 6052 bugs on the web resulting in java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException.

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  1. [JIRA] (JENKINS-54641) UnsupportedOperation Flooging Jenkins Master

    via Google Groups by m...@phrk.de (JIRA)3 months ago
  2. [JIRA] (JENKINS-54651) Refusing to marshal net.sf.json.JSONObject

    via Google Groups by sushobh...@gmail.com (JIRA)3 months ago
    Refusing to marshal net.sf.json.JSONObject for security reasons; see
  3. [JIRA] (JENKINS-54641) UnsupportedOperation Flooding Jenkins Master

    via Google Groups by m...@phrk.de (JIRA)3 months ago
  4. UnsupportedOperationException from API Analysis Builder

    via Eclipse Bugzilla by bbrandl3 months ago
  5. [JIRA] (JENKINS-54575) JEP-200 Publish Over SSH Plugin

    via Google Groups by mbert...@kapiasolutions.fr (JIRA)3 months ago
    Refusing to marshal jenkins.plugins.publish_over.BPInstanceConfig for security reasons; see
  6. Stacktrace_20181113-1609

    via docfetcher by *anonymous3 months ago
  7. VQL editor throws Sirius-related exceptions

    via Eclipse Bugzilla by szarnyas3 months ago
  8. JDev 11g: problems deploying webapplication to integratedWLS

    via Oracle Community by 4039363 months ago
    This parser does not support specification "null" version "null"
  9. GitHub iconCan't export to HTML and PDF

    via GitHub by zoulja3 months ago
  10. [JIRA] (JENKINS-54184) manager.removeSummaries() throws UnsupportedOperationException

    via Google Groups by tobias....@de.bosch.com (JIRA)4 months ago