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SQLException crashes

Collection of 20459 web pages containing stack traces of java.sql.SQLException

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We found 20459 bugs on the web resulting in java.sql.SQLException.

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  1. Data Pumper Error copying table

    via Google Groups by Jeroen Van Heyningen11 months ago
    Not enough memory!
  2. [JIRA] (JENKINS-54587) Upon restart, MySql driver not registered

    via Google Groups by clec...@cloudbees.com (JIRA)11 months ago
    No suitable driver
  3. Issue similar to [#7569] #7618: getting 'Connection is closed' when calling update() after insertInto()

    via Google Groups by Unknown author11 months ago
    Connection is closed
  4. Cannot run from master

    via Google Groups by Unknown author11 months ago
    No suitable driver
  5. Dbfit connection error

    via Google Groups by osayande omondiagbe11 months ago
    Invalid sub-protocol Invalid sub-protocol: 'sqlserver'
  6. Failed to create triggers for several sym_XXX tables in Azure SQL

    via symmetricds by aaltendorfer11 months ago
    I/O Error: Connection reset
  7. Error saving entity with identity id and globally quoted identifiers on Oracle 12c

    via Hibernate JIRA by Kryvda11 months ago
    Invalid argument(s) in call
  8. Errors with Opensuse tumbleweed

    via schemaspy by m00nc4t11 months ago
    java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: java.nio.CharBuffer.position(I)Ljava/nio/CharBuffer;
  9. GitHub iconGitHub comment 1#432258082

    via GitHub by student2ua11 months ago
    Не поддерживаемая функция
  10. GitHub iconOracle driver

    via GitHub by student2ua11 months ago
    Действительны только уровни транзакций READ_COMMITTED и SERIALIZABLE