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PersistenceException crashes

Collection of 2946 web pages containing stack traces of javax.persistence.PersistenceException

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We found 2946 bugs on the web resulting in javax.persistence.PersistenceException.

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  1. GitHub iconRandomly HikariPool pool becomes zero and HikariCP is not renewing/creating new connections

    via GitHub by discreet23 months ago
    org.hibernate.exception.JDBCConnectionException: Unable to acquire JDBC Connection
  2. SAP HANA support

    via Google Groups by Jonathan Bregler4 months ago
    Autoincrement getGeneratedKeys() returned no rows?
  3. GitHub iconGitHub comment 159#12494010

    via GitHub by mevivs4 months ago
    InvalidRequestException(why:No indexed columns present in index clause with operator EQ)
  4. GitHub iconGitHub comment 156#11681544

    via GitHub by mevivs4 months ago
    InvalidRequestException(why:Unknown identifier key)
  5. GitHub iconGitHub comment 156#11680368

    via GitHub by zhouhero4 months ago
    InvalidRequestException(why:Unknown identifier key)
  6. GitHub iconGitHub comment 156#11671747

    via GitHub by zhouhero4 months ago
    InvalidRequestException(why:line 4:0 no viable alternative at input 'APPLY')
  7. GitHub iconJHipster 5.4.0 doesn't use correct userId type for relationships with OAuth 2.0

    via GitHub by mraible4 months ago
    [PersistenceUnit: default] Unable to build Hibernate SessionFactory; nested exception is org.hibernate.tool.schema.spi.SchemaManagementException: Schema-validation: wrong column type encountered in column [user_id] in table [preferences]; found [bigint (Types#BIGINT)], but expecting [varchar(255) (Types#VARCHAR)]
  8. GitHub icon@OneToOne Postgres with different Id types - error PSQLException: ERROR: operator does not exist: uuid = character varying

    via GitHub by rbygrave4 months ago
    Query threw SQLException:ERROR: operator does not exist: uuid = character varying Hint: No operator matches the given name and argument type(s). You might need to add explicit type casts. Position: 51 Bind values:[Array[1]={9cdd9e79-2e1d-48d6-8a11-11ab1d39dc2c}] Query was:select t0.id from child_sibling t0 where child_id = any(?)
  9. GitHub iconGitHub comment 132#34565034

    via GitHub by pr5524 months ago
    [PersistenceUnit: release] Unable to build EntityManagerFactory
  10. [cas-user] Deadlocks and Uncommited Transaction

    via Google Groups by Trevor Fong4 months ago
    org.hibernate.exception.LockAcquisitionException: could not execute statement