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ComparisonFailure crashes

Collection of 457 web pages containing stack traces of junit.framework.ComparisonFailure

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We found 457 bugs on the web resulting in junit.framework.ComparisonFailure.

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  1. GitHub iconGitHub comment 3120#251925337

    via GitHub by wingman-pentaho4 months ago
    expected:<null> but was:</>
  2. Problema con fecha

    via openxava by jaedopenxava4 months ago
    Unexpected value for fecha expected:<[17/09/20]18> but was:<[9/17/]18>
  3. GitHub iconmaven install - GMT+0[2]:00 error

    via GitHub by Juka904 months ago
    expected:<GMT+0[1]:00> but was:<GMT+0[2]:00>
  4. GitHub iconTests failing after PR merge

    via GitHub by dan-lind4 months ago
    Expected :123.456 Actual :123.5
  5. GitHub iconGitHub comment 267#297266430

    via GitHub by glassfishrobot5 months ago
    Didn't receive expected data. Latch: 1 ByteBuffer: java.nio.HeapByteBuffer[pos=0 lim=0 cap=16660] expected:<[Hello. Client#7 Packet#000]> but was:<[]>
  6. GitHub iconGitHub comment 267#297266425

    via GitHub by glassfishrobot5 months ago
    null expected:<... Client#0 Packet#000[Hello. Client#0 Packet#000](#0 Packet#000)> but was:<... Client#0 Packet#000[]>
  7. GitHub iconGitHub comment 267#297266423

    via GitHub by glassfishrobot5 months ago
    null expected:<[Hello. Client#0 Packet#000](#0 Packet#000)> but was:<[]>
  8. GitHub iconGitHub comment 1107#332779838

    via GitHub by apupier5 months ago
    expected:<7.0.0.[fuse-]000080> but was:<7.0.0.[redhat-0]000080>
  9. GitHub iconGitHub comment 1758#379077922

    via GitHub by iBotPeaches5 months ago
    expected:<8> but was:<null>
  10. GitHub iconEnvironment variable is not set by EnvironmentVariables rule

    via GitHub by debuggins5 months ago
    expected:<my/custom/path> but was:<null>