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ReportedException crashes

Collection of 766 web pages containing stack traces of net.minecraft.util.ReportedException

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We found 766 bugs on the web resulting in net.minecraft.util.ReportedException.

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  1. GitHub iconIllegalStateException: Can't fill up inventory even though we could

    via GitHub by jaylamping4 months ago
    Ticking block entity
  2. GitHub iconGitHub comment 20#425726723

    via GitHub by zortag4 months ago
    Saving entity NBT
  3. GitHub iconGitHub comment 55#419673411

    via GitHub by Neonit4 months ago
    Adding item to inventory
  4. GitHub iconIncompatibility with SpongeForge

    via GitHub by Neonit4 months ago
    Adding item to inventory
  5. GitHub iconMultiplayer Crash

    via GitHub by Connor144 months ago
    Saving entity NBT
  6. GitHub iconBoat disappears when placed in water

    via GitHub by instinxx4 months ago
    Saving entity NBT
  7. GitHub iconGitHub comment 275#316763932

    via GitHub by Hootling4 months ago
    Ticking entity
  8. GitHub iconGitHub comment 230#367621866

    via GitHub by PiggyWhiskey4 months ago
    Exception ticking world
  9. GitHub iconKick from server because of calling set() on ImmutableList on serverside

    via GitHub by roboderpy5 months ago
    Colliding entity with block
  10. GitHub iconGitHub comment 1913#390302035

    via GitHub by MrOnlineCoder5 months ago
    Exception while updating neighbours