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ValidationFailedException crashes

Collection of 22 web pages containing stack traces of oracle.iam.platform.kernel.ValidationFailedException

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We found 22 bugs on the web resulting in oracle.iam.platform.kernel.ValidationFailedException.

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  1. Automation failed.

    via Oracle Community by 37028595 months ago
    IAM-3050007:The user with the attribute User Login and value HUMYL.AHMAD already exists.:User Login:HUMYL.AHMAD
  2. IAM-3056008 = Unknown attribute for entity Role - {0}

    via Oracle Community by Ioanna Kat-Oracle11 months ago
    IAM-3056008:Unknown attribute for entity Role - assignedOn.:assignedOn
  3. OIM 11g R2 PS3 : Validation failed with error message IAM-3050157:Unknown attribute for entity user.

    via Oracle Community by 32527872 years ago
    IAM-3050157:Unknown attribute for entity user. OPCOMPCODE:OPCOMPCODE
  4. Error when run reconciliation in OIM

    via Oracle Community by quanns2 years ago
    IAM-3010199:The Common Name value nguyen-van.hien already exists or is reserved. Specify a different value for Common Name:Common Name:nguyen-van.hien:Common Name
  5. Event Handler validation Handler not loaded

    via Oracle Community by 29544682 years ago
    Event handler "Handler name" implemented using class/plug-in "CLASSNAME" could not be loaded.
  6. How to update oim user's attribute in the tasks

    via Oracle Community by Milan Juricek2 years ago
    IAM-3051046:You do not have permission to modify WEBLOGIC.:WEBLOGIC
  7. Validation handler für RoleUser Create (OIM 11g R2 PS2)

    via Oracle Community by Ciryon2 years ago
    One or more Users exceed the maximum number of allowed roles for their OrgUnit!
  8. Password Generation OIM 11g R2 Ps1 and LdapSync

    via Oracle Community by User2531542 years ago
    IAM-3050101:Modify User API cannot modify the password.:
  9. The password Validation failed for old password while resetting new password in OIM 'My Profile'.

    via Oracle Community by Hanuman Thota2 years ago
    An error occurred while verifying the old user password during change password operation.
  10. Validation eventhanlder in OIM 11G R1

    via Oracle Community by IDAM_Learner2 years ago
    Orchestration validation failed on the event handler - validationEventhandler