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AvroRuntimeException crashes

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  1. GitHub iconAvroRuntimeException on sending messages to channel

    via GitHub by 4shael5 months ago
    Not a union: {"type":"record","name":"AccountTO","namespace":"com.example.avro","fields":[{"name":"id","type":{"type":"string","avro.java.string":"String"}},{"name":"email","type":{"type":"string","avro.java.string":"String"}}]}
  2. GitHub iconGitHub comment 113#359182936

    via GitHub by regisb6 months ago
    Duplicate field test2 in record pouac: test2 type:INT pos:1 and test2 type:INT pos:0.
  3. GitHub iconGitHub comment 298#390664882

    via GitHub by pmid6 months ago
    already open**
  4. GitHub iconADT type should be able to be `option`

    via GitHub by muradm6 months ago
    Nested union:
  5. GitHub iconThere is AvroRuntimeException when field is an Option of value class

    via GitHub by liutaon7 months ago
    Not a record schema: "string"
  6. GitHub iconConverting data with an optional fixed type field to GenericRecord fails

    via GitHub by ylabi7 months ago
    Not a record schema: {"type":"fixed","name":"UUID","namespace":"com.company.ns","size":16}
  7. GitHub iconHow to append records one by one?

    via GitHub by hudvin8 months ago
    java.io.IOException: Invalid sync!
  8. GitHub icon@Publisher does not when the output type is a subtype of GenericContainer

    via GitHub by jmax018 months ago
    Not an array: {"type":"record","name":"User","namespace":"example.avro","fields":[{"name":"name","type":"string"},{"name":"favoriteNumber","type":["int","null"]},{"name":"favoriteColor","type":["string","null"]}]}
  9. GitHub iconAvroData throws AvroRuntimeException for certain schemas with enums when ENHANCED_AVRO_SCHEMA_SUPPORT_CONFIG is enabled

    via GitHub by beregon878 months ago
    Can't overwrite property: connect.doc
  10. GitHub iconGitHub comment 113#359182936

    via GitHub by regisb8 months ago
    Duplicate field test2 in record pouac: test2 type:INT pos:1 and test2 type:INT pos:0.