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EventException crashes

Collection of 2222 web pages containing stack traces of org.bukkit.event.EventException

Find a solution to your bug with our map

We found 2222 bugs on the web resulting in org.bukkit.event.EventException.

We visualize these cases as a tree for easy understanding. We place your stack trace on this tree so you can find similar ones. The top nodes are generic cases, the leafs are the specific stack traces.

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This list contains all the bugs that lead to this exception. Click through to see the discussions about them.

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  1. GitHub iconEntityDamageByEntity event error, (crashed server)

    via GitHub by KrizzDawg2 months ago
  2. GitHub iconPlayerFishEvent error

    via GitHub by Gelox12093 months ago
  3. GitHub iconNoSuchMethod exception on ItemMeta.spigot()

    via GitHub by LazoYoung3 months ago
  4. GitHub iconCitizens error mc 1.8.8

    via GitHub by Poustmal3 months ago
  5. GitHub iconGitHub comment 1477#379737574

    via GitHub by MrKiller013 months ago
  6. GitHub iconSkillAPI v3.108 PlayerItemHeldEvent error on 1.7.10 Kcauldron server

    via GitHub by Xiazihong3 months ago
  7. GitHub iconGitHub comment 722#431122192

    via GitHub by Bobbbe3 months ago
  8. GitHub icon[Server thread/ERROR]: Could not pass event LeavesDecayEvent to OtherDrops_1.13 v3.2.6

    via GitHub by arturek16663 months ago
  9. GitHub iconCould not pass event BlockFromToEvent to LogBlock v1.13.1-SNAPSHOT (build #33)

    via GitHub by saturnux3 months ago
  10. GitHub iconError

    via GitHub by Jerlag013 months ago