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QueryException crashes

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  1. Property paths for associations that are part of the entity ID (i.e. IdClass) are not initialized

    via Hibernate JIRA by Jan-Willem Gmelig Meyling3 months ago
    could not resolve property: key1 of: org.hibernate.test.idclass.NestedIdClassQueryTest$NestedIdClassEntity [SELECT a.idClassEntity.basicEntity.key1 FROM org.hibernate.test.idclass.NestedIdClassQueryTest$NestedIdClassEntity a ]
  2. GitHub iconEntityMetamodel instantiation fails on Blaze-persist Alpha4

    via GitHub by JWGmeligMeyling7 months ago
    could not resolve property: partner.id of: com.pallasathenagroup.entities.PartnerDiscountCode
  3. Selecting Entity attribute of type enumarated collection via HQL (Hibernate)

    via Stack Overflow by user25221157 months ago
    not an entity [select m.sendDate, m.types from cz.trask.edoceo.domain.message.Message m]
  4. Error while executing hql query on Jboss-eap-7.1.0 server with java 1.8.0_121 + SQL Server 2017

    via Stack Overflow by Abhijit Khatri7 months ago
    Incorrect query syntax [select from com.c2lbiz.symbiosys.systemcommon.dataobjects.security.UserDO user where user.userStatusCd <> 'ACTIVE']
  5. GitHub icon应收财务---费用登记提交保存,系统报错

    via GitHub by WENLINRONG7 months ago
    Unable to resolve path [yunDanEntity.xiTongDanHao], unexpected token [yunDanEntity] [from com.itdida.core.entities.FeiYongEntity where yingShouYingFu=1 and yunDanEntity.xiTongDanHao='9180421246721']
  6. GitHub iconError getting id from entity in Cobigen generated code

    via GitHub by vlopezbo7 months ago
    could not resolve property: reportId of: com.capgemini.adcenter.mirabaud.pocdrools.reportmanagement.dataaccess.api.ReportLineEntity [select reportLineEntity from com.capgemini.adcenter.mirabaud.pocdrools.reportmanagement.dataaccess.api.ReportLineEntity reportLineEntity where reportLineEntity.reportId = ?1]
  7. GitHub iconDynamic finder unable to resolve property starting with lowerCase UpperCase letter

    via GitHub by sdelamo8 months ago
    could not resolve property: IUserID of: demo.AG2T0005UserProd
  8. How to use Join in Java program with Hibernate?

    via Stack Overflow by Mandar Khire8 months ago
    outer or full join must be followed by path expression [select student.roll_no, student.name, exam_dates.subject, exam_dates.date from student student INNER JOIN exam_dates exam_dates on exam_dates.roll_no = student.roll_no]
  9. Join query & hibernate 3!

    via Coderanch by Mandar Khire8 months ago
    outer or full join must be followed by path expression [select student.roll_no, student.name, exam_dates.subject, exam_dates.date from student student join exam_dates exam_dates on exam_dates.roll_no = student.roll_no where (exam_dates.roll_no, exam_dates.date) in (select roll_no, max(date) from exam_dates where date <= current_date group by roll_no)]
  10. Is it possible to use MySQL UDV inside @Query Annotation from Spring Data

    via Stack Overflow by p4skal8 months ago
    Space is not allowed after parameter prefix ':' [select case when (?2 = 0) then -1 when ((@cd:=(select count(*) + 1 from test.stats where points = ?2)) <= 2) then (@cd) else (@cd + (select count(*) from test.stats where points = ?2 and uuid > ?1)) end as rank from test.stats where uuid = ?1;]