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VisitException crashes

Collection of 14 web pages containing stack traces of org.sonar.server.computation.component.VisitException

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We found 14 bugs on the web resulting in org.sonar.server.computation.component.VisitException.

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  1. SonarQube: VisitException: Visit failed for Component, Caused by: PersistenceException: Error updating database: space quota exceeded for tablespace

    via Stack Overflow by Meghna7 months ago
    Visit failed for Component {key=something:src/dir/custom,type=DIRECTORY} located someProj(type=PROJECT)
  2. Unable to complete background tasks to upload project evaluations

    via Google Groups by Unknown author1 year ago
    Visit failed for Component {key=my.company.division:divis ion-project-name-web:src/main/java/com/path/to/code/Form.java,type=FILE} located my.company.division:division-project-name-web:src/main/java/ com/path/to/code/package(type=DIRECTORY)->my.company.divisio n:division-project-name-web(type=MODULE)->my.company. division:division-project-name-parent(type=PROJECT) at org.sonar.server.computation.component.VisitException.rethro wOrWrap(VisitException.java:44) ~[sonar-server-6.0.jar:na]
  3. SonarQube: Fail to decompress and deserialize source data

    via Stack Overflow by mmilone1 year ago
    Visit failed for Component {key=....java,type=FILE} located ...(type=DIRECTORY)->...:...(type=MODULE)->...:...(type=PROJECT)
  4. The Sonar Scan fails when we run it for huge files

    via Google Groups by Unknown author1 year ago
    Visit failed for Component {key=CBCD:ODI_17_1_1:odi/odi_cco/model/MFOL_DB_MODELS.xml,type=FILE} located CBCD:ODI_17_1_1:odi/odi_cco/model(type=DIRECTORY)->CBCD:ODI_17_1_1(type=PROJECT)
  5. GitHub iconPossible problems with big XMLs/source files

    via GitHub by compartia1 year ago
    Visit failed for Component {key=dnsmasq:ch_analysis/src/option/option_parse_dhcp_opt_invs.xml,type=FILE} located dnsmasq:ch_analysis/src/option(type=DIRECTORY)->dnsmasq(type=PROJECT)
  6. GitHub iconGitHub comment 9#217799700

    via GitHub by thomas-mc-work1 year ago
    Visit of Component {key=de.tln:lib-aegis-batch:src/main/java/de/tln/lib/aegis/batch/spi,type=DIRECTORY} failed
  7. Exception While Running Background task: org.sonar.server.computation.component.VisitException: Visit failed for Component

    via Google Groups by Bangar Milind2 years ago
    Visit failed for Component {key=com.ukgi.gw:gw-pc:develop:modules/configuration/gsrc/com/ukgi/gw/tools/viewgenerator/util/AbstractTransposeFactory.gs,type=FILE} located com.ukgi.gw:gw-pc:develop:modules/configuration/gsrc/com/ukgi/gw/tools/viewgenerator/util(type=DIRECTORY)->com.ukgi.gw:gw-pc:develop(type=PROJECT)
  8. After upgrading from SonarQube 5.3 to 5.6.2, Backround Task is throwing IllegalStateException: Fail to read ISSUES.LOCATIONS

    via Stack Overflow by Robert Smith2 years ago
    Visit of Component {key=:md049gateway:src/main/java/com/nike/caps/md049gateway/application/impl/JobServiceImpl.java,type=FILE} failed
  9. SonarQube 5.3: IllegalArgumentException: There's no changeset on line 1352

    via Stack Overflow by Clément Cunin2 years ago
    Visit failed for Component {key=XXXX:XXXX-commons-client:src/main/java/com/XXXX/instrument/InstrumentFrame.java,type=FILE} located XXXX:XXXX-commons-client:src/main/java/com/XXXX/instrument(type=DIRECTORY)->XXXX:XXXX-commons-client(type=MODULE)->XXXX:XXXX(type=PROJECT)
  10. Unique constraint violation thrown by sonarqube 5.6 analysis

    via Stack Overflow by Matt2 years ago
    Visit failed for Component {key=XXX:src/test/resources,type=DIRECTORY} located XXX(type=PROJECT)