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MacroExecutionException crashes

Collection of 16 web pages containing stack traces of org.xwiki.rendering.macro.MacroExecutionException

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We found 16 bugs on the web resulting in org.xwiki.rendering.macro.MacroExecutionException.

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  1. The FileStream class (DevelopersCorner.DotNetFileStream) - XWiki

    via softec.lu by Unknown author1 year ago
    Failed to highlight content
  2. Basic C# Programming (DevelopersCorner.BasicCsharpProgramming) - XWiki

    via softec.lu by Unknown author1 year ago
    Failed to highlight content
  3. {{code}} macro fails with "java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException" in JBoss AS

    via XWiki.org JIRA by Petr Praus2 years ago
    Failed to highlight content
  4. Jboss AS 7 does not like jython

    via XWiki.org JIRA by David Delbecq2 years ago
    Failed to highlight content
  5. Sometimes clicking on "Add Extension" fails with macro error

    via XWiki.org JIRA by Sorin Burjan2 years ago
    When using the HTML macro inline, you can only use inline HTML content. Block HTML content (such as tables) cannot be displayed. Try leaving an empty line before and after the HTML macro.
  6. 'getIncludedPages' in class com.xpn.xwiki.api.Document threw java.lang.NullPointerException

    via XWiki.org JIRA by Bernhard Hopf2 years ago
    Failed to evaluate Velocity Macro for content [$xwiki.ssx.use('Panels.DocumentInformation')## #set ($pages = $tdoc.includedPages) #largepanelheader($msg.get('panels.documentInformation.title')) #if ($tdoc.language == '' && $xwiki.isMultiLingual()) ; {{html}}<label for="xwikidoclanguageinput2">$msg.get('panels.documentInformation.defaultLanguage')</label>{{/html}} : {{html}}<input type="text" id="xwikidoclanguageinput2" name="defaultLanguage" value="$!tdoc.defaultLanguage" size="30"/>{{/html}} #end ##-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ## Display wiki syntax combo box if there's more than one configured syntax. ##-------------------------------------------------------------------------- $xwiki.jsx.use($paneldoc.fullName)## #if ($xwiki.getConfiguredSyntaxes().size() > 1) ; {{html}}<label for="xwikidocsyntaxinput2">$msg.get('panels.documentInformation.syntax')</label>{{/html}} : {{html}}<select name="syntaxId" id="xwikidocsyntaxinput2"> <option value="xwiki/1.0"#if ($tdoc.getSyntax().toIdString().equalsIgnoreCase('xwiki/1.0')) selected="selected"#end>XWiki 1.0</option> #set ($configuredSyntaxes = $xwiki.getConfiguredSyntaxes()) ## ## Starting with XE 2.3 the $syntaxFactory binding has been removed and the new $services binding added. ## To make sure this Panel application still work with versions less than 2.3 we verify the availability of bindings. #set ($availableParserSyntaxes = $services.rendering.getAvailableParserSyntaxes()) #if (!$availableParserSyntaxes) #set ($availableParserSyntaxes = $syntaxFactory.getAvailableSyntaxes()) #end ## #foreach ($syntax in $availableParserSyntaxes) #if ($configuredSyntaxes.contains($syntax.toIdString()) && !$syntax.toIdString().equalsIgnoreCase('xwiki/1.0')) <option value="$syntax.toIdString()"#if($tdoc.getSyntax().toIdString().equalsIgnoreCase($syntax.toIdString())) selected="selected"#end>$syntax.toString()</option> #end #end </select>{{/html}} #end ##-------------------------------------------------------------------------- #if($pages.size() != 0) ; $msg.get('panels.documentInformation.includesCount', [$pages.size()]) #foreach ($page in $pages) : [[$page>>$page]] [[[[image:icon:page_white_edit||alt="$msg.get('panels.documentInformation.editIncluded', [$page])"]]>>path:$xwiki.getURL($page, 'edit')]] #end #end #panelfooter()]
  7. Add support for regexes in the Rendering Test Framework

    via XWiki.org JIRA by Vincent Massol2 years ago
    User [XWiki.UserNotExisting] is not registered in this wiki
  8. Code macro won't render after upgrading from 2.5 to 3.0

    via XWiki.org JIRA by daniel j2 years ago
    Failed to highlight content
  9. Exception when open office server is not started should be more explicative

    via XWiki.org JIRA by Anca Luca2 years ago
    Failed to view office attachment.
  10. PyGments: Failed to highlight content when web server is rendering another page in the same time

    via XWiki.org JIRA by Ivan Levashew2 years ago
    Failed to highlight content