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  1. URI.create() has thrown an IllegalArgumentException
    Java Runtime
  2. URI parsing failed due to un-encoded url string
    Java Runtime

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rahsan3 months ago

Ensure that the url string is correct and properly encoded before being used

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  1. nfeketevia GitHub2 days ago
    Illegal character in opaque part at index 20: jar:file:/C:/Program Files/Java/jdk1.8.0_152/lib/tools.jar!/eea-for-gav
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  2. pherkvia GitHub6 days ago
    Expected authority at index 8: exist://
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  3. Jacuovia GitHub6 days ago
    Expected scheme-specific part at index 6: https:
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  4. npasserinivia GitHub6 days ago
    Illegal character in path at index 49: file:////C:/dev/wollok-1-6-4/workspace/animalitos\.diagrams
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  5. robbie70via GitHub1 week ago Expected scheme-specific part at index 2: c:
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  6. IncognitoJamvia GitHub1 week ago
    Illegal character in path at index 36:<e5?e6l54403;f:fe88=;a9ake564aja2e4a:abe6591ef92hf0726?06023=e:4ea m<g>e6866?gehgb396hfe1`7<3/handshake
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  7. Vadim Kisselmannvia Google Groups2 weeks ago
    URISyntaxException: Illegal character in fragment at index 117: /user/hue/oozie/workspaces/_hdfs_-oozie-457-1399556943.46/
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  8. sunithakkvia GitHub2 weeks ago
    Could not load wrapper properties from my--app path\android\gradle\wrapper\'.
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  9. seebivia GitHub3 weeks ago
    Illegal character in path at index 52: file:///Users/seebi/Documents/workspace/dev-test/ttt ttt.ttl
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  10. Raul666via GitHub1 month ago
    Illegal character in authority at index 6: ssl://${url}:${port}
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