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  • creating sqlite graph with cli fails
    via schemacrawler by joban1
  • infolevel=maximum
    via schemacrawler by guidobenvenuto
  • getImportedKeys() throws exception
    via by CKSo,
    • schemacrawler.schemacrawler.SchemaCrawlerException: Exception retrieving table information: null at schemacrawler.crawl.SchemaCrawler.crawlTables( at schemacrawler.crawl.SchemaCrawler.crawl( at at at schemacrawler.Main.main( Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException at org.sqlite.MetaData.escape( at org.sqlite.MetaData.getImportedKeys( at schemacrawler.crawl.ForeignKeyRetriever.retrieveForeignKeysUsingDatabaseMetadata( at schemacrawler.crawl.ForeignKeyRetriever.retrieveForeignKeys( at schemacrawler.crawl.SchemaCrawler.lambda$crawlTables$28( at sf.util.StopWatch.time( at schemacrawler.crawl.SchemaCrawler.crawlTables( ... 4 more

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