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  • com.bea.wlw.runtime.core.request.RequestValidationException: completeTask is a C ONTINUE method: Calls to CONTINUE and FINISH methods must specify a valid existing key for the target conversation. Non-Workshop SOAP clients should do this by including a conversationID element in the SOAP header, per the WSDL description. Workshop clients must reference a properly annotated CTRL (not a WSDL) file: make sure an @jws:conversation annotation with the appropriate value exists for this method in the CTRL. at com.bea.wlw.runtime.core.request.BaseRequest.validateTarget( at com.bea.wlw.runtime.core.request.ExecRequest.validateTarget( at com.bea.wlw.runtime.core.bean.SyncDispatcherBean.invoke( at com.bea.wlw.runtime.core.bean.SyncDispatcher_k1mrl8_EOImpl.invoke( at com.bea.wlw.runtime.core.dispatcher.ServiceHandleImpl.invoke( at com.bea.wlw.runtime.core.dispatcher.WlwProxyImpl.invoke( at $Proxy84.completeTask(Unknown Source) at notification.taskDetails.TasksDetailsController.changeState(TasksDetailsController.jpf:497)
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