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  • incorrect SSLServerCertificateChainFileName
    via by Subramanyam,
    • Certificate fingerprint = 115632b0c42739458d5cf441895f1c72, not before = Wed Nov 09 15:54:17 PST 1994, not 54:17 PST 1999, holder = C=US O=RSA Data Security, Inc. OU=Secure Server Certification Authority , issuer = C=US O=RSA Data Secu erver Certification Authority , key = modulus = 126 byte Bignum value=0092ce7ac1ae833e5aaa898357ac2501760cadae8e2c37ceeb35786454 8208d216863755e9b12102ad7668819a05a24bc94b256622566c88078ff781596d8407657013 71763e9b774ce35089569848b91da7291a132e4a11599c1e15d5 6d706748e5dd2dd6c81e7b, exponent = 3 byte Bignum value=010001 is invalid at Code) at Code) at
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