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    Check if you're not creating unused SQL entities, as it might cause this exception.

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via Google Groups by Narahari 'n' Savitha, 1 year ago
Table "TEST" not found; SQL statement: select * from test [42102-192]
via GitHub by devidatta45
, 1 year ago
Table "journal" not found; SQL statement: select "sequence_number" from "journal" where "persistence_id" = ? order by "sequence_number" desc limit 1 [42102-192]
via GitHub by cppexpert
, 2 years ago
Column "R.REMARKS" not found; SQL statement: select as n_on_r, r.remarks as r_on_r, as i_on_r , m.owner_id as oi1_on_m, m.obj_id as oi2_on_m from roles r inner join abilities_mapping m on m.obj_id = where m.owner_id = ? [42122-171]
via Google Groups by Chris Sunderland, 1 year ago
Admin rights are required for this operation; SQL statement: CALL *CSVWRITE*('c:/temp/test.csv', 'SELECT * FROM TableA'); [90040-176]
via symmetricds by roman82
, 2 years ago
Class "org.jumpmind.symmetric.db.EmbeddedDbFunctions" not found; SQL statement: CREATE ALIAS IF NOT EXISTS sym_BASE64_ENCODE for "org.jumpmind.symmetric.db.EmbeddedDbFunctions.encodeBase64";
via GitHub by Jan-Arie
, 1 year ago
Column count does not match; SQL statement: INSERT INTO adr_test VALUES (?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?) [21002-176]
org.h2.jdbc.JdbcSQLException: Table "TEST" not 
found; SQL statement:
select * from test
 [42102-192]	at org.h2.message.DbException.getJdbcSQLException(	at org.h2.message.DbException.get(