org.hibernate.exception.LockAcquisitionException: could not update: [com.citco.aexeo.common.dataaccess.domain.Fund#12]

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via Hibernate JIRA by George Thomas, 1 year ago
could not update: [com.citco.aexeo.common.dataaccess.domain.Fund#12]
via Hibernate JIRA by George Thomas, 1 year ago
could not update: [com.citco.aexeo.common.dataaccess.domain.Fund#12]
via Stack Overflow by John Powel
, 1 year ago
could not update: [myPack.Analysis$TestRun#5191]
via by Unknown author, 2 years ago
via Stack Overflow by Vineet Bhatia
, 2 years ago
could not update: [[CustomerId,txnId]{txnId=2222, CustomerId=1111}]
com.sybase.jdbc2.jdbc.SybSQLException: Your server command (family id #0, process id #3777) encountered a deadlock situation. Please re-run your command.
at com.sybase.jdbc2.tds.Tds.processEed(
at com.sybase.jdbc2.tds.Tds.nextResult(
at com.sybase.jdbc2.jdbc.ResultGetter.nextResult(
at com.sybase.jdbc2.jdbc.SybStatement.nextResult(
at com.sybase.jdbc2.jdbc.SybStatement.nextResult(
at com.sybase.jdbc2.jdbc.SybStatement.updateLoop(
at com.sybase.jdbc2.jdbc.SybStatement.executeUpdate(
at com.sybase.jdbc2.jdbc.SybPreparedStatement.executeUpdate(
at org.hibernate.jdbc.NonBatchingBatcher.addToBatch(
at org.hibernate.persister.entity.AbstractEntityPersister.update(
at org.hibernate.persister.entity.AbstractEntityPersister.updateOrInsert(
at org.hibernate.action.EntityUpdateAction.execute(
at org.hibernate.engine.ActionQueue.execute(
at org.hibernate.engine.ActionQueue.executeActions(
at org.hibernate.event.def.AbstractFlushingEventListener.performExecutions(
at org.hibernate.event.def.DefaultFlushEventListener.onFlush(
at org.hibernate.impl.SessionImpl.flush(
at com.satyam.Testing.doTransaction(

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