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  • Write attempt to beyond volume last LBA
    via by MichR,
  • Reg vdbench unable to run on raw device
    via by lksece2,
  • vdbench reading LBA out of bounds.
    via by 31b3ce0a-3cd4-4255-b342-db6aac865806,
  • Undefined size for sd, lun doesn't exist on windows 2k12
    via by b2834f65-9e1e-48b1-9d9e-dc5238354152,
  • GitHub comment 468#286075834
    via GitHub by kinvaris
    • java.lang.RuntimeException: 'data_error=1' requested. Abort after last error. at Vdb.common.failure( at Vdb.ErrorLog.countErrorsOnMaster( at Vdb.SlaveOnMaster.processSlave( at
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