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  • EDT violation on Codename One
    via Stack Overflow by Roam
  • TextField focus issue
    via GitHub by codenameone
  • UrlImage EDT Error
    via by Popoola Ife,
    • com.codename1.impl.javase.JavaSEPort$EDTViolation: EDT Violation Stack! at com.codename1.impl.javase.JavaSEPort.checkEDT( at com.codename1.impl.javase.JavaSEPort.getRGB( at com.codename1.impl.javase.JavaSEPort.scaleArray( at com.codename1.impl.javase.JavaSEPort.scale( at com.codename1.ui.Image.scale( at com.codename1.ui.Image.scaledImpl( at com.codename1.ui.Image.scaled( at com.codename1.ui.Image.scaledLargerRatio( at com.codename1.ui.URLImage$ScaleToFill.adaptImage( at com.codename1.ui.URLImage$ at com.codename1.ui.URLImage$
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