Unexpected element. Parser was expecting element '' but found ''

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    • Unexpected element. Parser was expecting element '' but found '' at at at com.sforce.soap.tooling.Method.setReturnType( at com.sforce.soap.tooling.Method.loadFields( at com.sforce.soap.tooling.Method.load( at at at at com.sforce.soap.tooling.SymbolTable.setMethods( at com.sforce.soap.tooling.SymbolTable.loadFields( at com.sforce.soap.tooling.SymbolTable.load( at at at com.sforce.soap.tooling.ApexClassMember.setSymbolTable( at com.sforce.soap.tooling.ApexClassMember.loadFields( at com.sforce.soap.tooling.ApexClassMember.load( at at at at com.sforce.soap.tooling.QueryResult.setRecords( at com.sforce.soap.tooling.QueryResult.loadFields( at com.sforce.soap.tooling.QueryResult.load( at at at com.sforce.soap.tooling.QueryResponse_element.setResult( at com.sforce.soap.tooling.QueryResponse_element.loadFields( at com.sforce.soap.tooling.QueryResponse_element.load( at at at at at at com.sforce.soap.tooling.ToolingConnection.query(
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