unexpected end of stream on okhttp3.Address@34845fb

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Either your request in not properly written (check this answer: or you're running into a OkHTTP bug, in which case you should update OkHTTP to 2.4 (or further) and check this discussion: and issues #1517 & #1518

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via GitHub by lkhore
, 1 year ago
unexpected end of stream on okhttp3.Address@34845fb
via GitHub by lkhore
, 1 year ago
via GitHub by shubham-m
, 1 year ago
unexpected end of stream on okhttp3.Address@5106fe42
via Stack Overflow by raphPradhan
, 1 year ago
unexpected end of stream on okhttp3.Address@d8a95c17 \n not found: size=0 content=…
at okio.RealBufferedSource.readUtf8LineStrict(
at okhttp3.internal.http.Http1xStream.readResponse(
at okhttp3.internal.http.Http1xStream.readResponseHeaders(
at okhttp3.internal.http.HttpEngine.readNetworkResponse(
at okhttp3.internal.http.HttpEngine.access$200(
at okhttp3.internal.http.HttpEngine$NetworkInterceptorChain.proceed(
at okhttp3.internal.http.HttpEngine.readResponse(
at okhttp3.RealCall.getResponse(
at okhttp3.RealCall$ApplicationInterceptorChain.proceed(
at okhttp3.RealCall.getResponseWithInterceptorChain(
at okhttp3.RealCall.access$100(
at okhttp3.RealCall$AsyncCall.execute(
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$

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