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GitHub | v1v | 9 months ago
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    GitHub comment 246#232981198

    GitHub | 9 months ago | v1v {"message":"Not Found","documentation_url":""}
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    GitHub comment 246#246870763

    GitHub | 7 months ago | indrgun {"message":"Not Found","documentation_url":""}
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    Stack overflow if configured credentials don't have access to private repo

    GitHub | 2 years ago | mmitche {"message":"Not Found","documentation_url":""}
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    [JIRA] (JENKINS-37009) Jobs with syntactically incorrect config missing or having incorrect Github Project URL produces NullPointerException

    Google Groups | 9 months ago | (JIRA) {<span class="code-quote" style="color: #009100">"message"</span>:<span class="code-quote" style="color: #009100">"Not Found"</span>,<span class="code-quote" style="color: #009100">"documentation_url"</span>:<span class="code-quote" style="color: #009100">"https:<span class="code-comment" style="color: #808080">//"</span>} </span> at org.kohsuke.github.Requester.handleApiError(

    Root Cause Analysis


      {"message":"Not Found","documentation_url":""}

      at org.kohsuke.github.Requester.handleApiError()
    2. org.kohsuke.github
      1. org.kohsuke.github.Requester.handleApiError(
      2. org.kohsuke.github.Requester._to(
      4. org.kohsuke.github.GitHub.getRepository(
      4 frames