scala.MatchError: Z:C, (of class java.lang.String)

GitHub | pauca | 4 months ago
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    scala.MatchError: Z:C, (of class java.lang.String)
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    scala.MatchError: pong (of class java.lang.String)
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    scala.MatchError: namespace (of class java.lang.String)

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    Root Cause Analysis

    1. scala.MatchError

      Z:C, (of class java.lang.String)

      at org.bdgenomics.adam.util.AttributeUtils$.createAttribute()
    2. org.bdgenomics.adam
      1. org.bdgenomics.adam.util.AttributeUtils$.createAttribute(AttributeUtils.scala:92)
      2. org.bdgenomics.adam.util.AttributeUtils$.parseAttribute(AttributeUtils.scala:74)
      3. org.bdgenomics.adam.util.AttributeUtils$$anonfun$parseAttributes$2.apply(AttributeUtils.scala:61)
      3 frames