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    GitHub comment 1819#232361573

    GitHub | 9 months ago | tnolle
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    trying to run an app using dl4j on android

    Stack Overflow | 8 months ago | Mark Vaiserman
    java.lang.IllegalStateException: Could not execute method for android:onClick
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    Root Cause Analysis

    1. org.nd4j.linalg.factory.Nd4jBackend$NoAvailableBackendException

      Please ensure that you have an nd4j backend on your classpath. Please see:

      at org.nd4j.linalg.factory.Nd4jBackend.load()
    2. nd4j-api
      1. org.nd4j.linalg.factory.Nd4jBackend.load(
      2. org.nd4j.linalg.factory.Nd4j.initContext(
      3. org.nd4j.linalg.factory.Nd4j.<clinit>(
      3 frames
    3. org.deeplearning4j.nn
      1. org.deeplearning4j.nn.conf.NeuralNetConfiguration$Builder.seed(
      1 frame
    4. org.deeplearning4j.examples
      1. org.deeplearning4j.examples.feedforward.classification.MLPClassifierLinear.main(
      1 frame