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  • Bib-10102 Metadatamanager Cannot Set Connection
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  • BI Bean and iPlanet Server
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  • BI Bean and iPlanet server
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    • oracle.dss.appmodule.client.BISessionException: BIB-1004 No configuration file specified or specified configuration file cannot be found. at oracle.dss.appmodule.client.BISession.connect( at oracle.dss.addins.jspTags.BIThinSession.setupObjectFactory( at oracle.dss.addins.jspTags.BIThinSession.getMetadataManager( at oracle.dss.addins.jspTags.BIThinSession.getQueryManager( at oracle.dss.addins.jspTags.BIThinSession.loadView( at oracle.dss.addins.jspTags.PresentationTag.createThinObject( at oracle.dss.addins.jspTags.BIBaseTag.getThinObject( at oracle.dss.addins.jspTags.PresentationTag.doStartTag(
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