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    • java.lang.RuntimeException: error: cannot find class or module with type name 'scala.Enumeration.ValueSet' full type string: 'scala.Enumeration.ValueSet' at scala.sys.package$.error(package.scala:27) at scala.pickling.internal.package$.liftedTree1$1(package.scala:59) at scala.pickling.internal.package$.typeFromString(package.scala:54) at scala.pickling.FastTypeTag$.apply(FastTags.scala:69) at scala.pickling.json.JSONPickleReader$$anonfun$beginEntry$2.apply(JSONPickleFormat.scala:216) at scala.pickling.json.JSONPickleReader$$anonfun$beginEntry$2.apply(JSONPickleFormat.scala:205) at scala.pickling.PickleTools$class.withHints(Tools.scala:480) at scala.pickling.json.JSONPickleReader.withHints(JSONPickleFormat.scala:167) at scala.pickling.json.JSONPickleReader.beginEntry(JSONPickleFormat.scala:205) at scala.pickling.json.JSONPickleReader.beginEntryNoTagDebug(JSONPickleFormat.scala:204) at scala.pickling.json.JSONPickleReader.beginEntryNoTag(JSONPickleFormat.scala:202)

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