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  • Unable to deploy soa -bpel 11g app
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  • Can't deploy FP_DEMO_11gr1_11117_ALL
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  • Error deploying archive BPM jar to server
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  • GitHub comment 30#74194667
    via GitHub by inf3rno
    • oracle.fabric.common.FabricException: Deployment Failed: Unable to register service. at oracle.integration.platform.blocks.deploy.StandaloneCompositeDeploymentCoordinatorImpl.coordinateCompositeDeployment( at oracle.integration.platform.blocks.deploy.servlet.BaseDeployProcessor.deployNewComposite( at oracle.integration.platform.blocks.deploy.servlet.BaseDeployProcessor.deploySARs( at oracle.integration.platform.blocks.deploy.servlet.DeployProcessor.doDeployWork( at oracle.integration.platform.blocks.deploy.servlet.DeployProcessor.doDeployWork(

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