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  • Error in Connecting Mobile Server
    via by 2724440,
  • FileInputStream error
    via by sachin y deshpande,
  • 1.7.9 Not Work
    via GitHub by xXAvoraXx
  • can't find ebs.pem file
    via GitHub by yegor256
    • C:\bin\mobile.ora (The system cannot find the path specified.) at Method) at<init>( at<init>( at oracle.lite.web.util.JupProfile.<init>(Unknown Source) at oracle.lite.common.Profile.<init>(Unknown Source) at oracle.lite.sync.SiteDef.init( at oracle.lite.sync.SiteDef.<clinit>( at java.lang.J9VMInternals.initializeImpl(Native Method) at java.lang.J9VMInternals.initialize( at oracle.lite.sync.tracing.ConsLogger.init( at oracle.lite.sync.tracing.ConsLogger.<clinit>( at java.lang.J9VMInternals.initializeImpl(Native Method) at java.lang.J9VMInternals.initialize( at oracle.lite.sync.EnvLocal.<init>( at oracle.lite.sync.Environment$1.initialValue( at java.lang.ThreadLocal$ThreadLocalMap.getAfterMiss( at java.lang.ThreadLocal$ThreadLocalMap.get( at java.lang.ThreadLocal$ThreadLocalMap.access$000( at java.lang.ThreadLocal.get( at oracle.lite.sync.Environment.getOnLogger( at oracle.lite.sync.ConsolidatorManager.<init>( at oracle.lite.web.JupConfig.setConsolidatorManager(Unknown Source) at oracle.lite.web.JupConfig.OpenConsolidatorConnection(Unknown Source) at oracle.lite.web.resource.ResourceFactory.getInstance(Unknown Source) at<init>(Unknown Source) at com.sbc.framemate.omssync.OmsSync.dataFilter( at com.sbc.framemate.omssync.OmsSync.main(

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