Could not initialize index

Hibernate JIRA | Sanne Grinovero | 2 years ago
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    Suggester - Apache Solr Reference Guide - Apache Software Foundation | 8 months ago Lock obtain timed out: NativeFSLock@E:\Solr-4.8\example\analyzingInfixSuggesterIndexDir\write.lock: java.nio.channels.OverlappingFileLockException
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    Problem with File Locks after running for a while

    GitHub | 6 years ago | ldriscoll Lock obtain timed out: NativeFSLock@/data/lucene/f62f4dd4-1f33-438f-8d40-13ba71f8e338/b629s4iybvcuwt0uwhxyw0jzc/write.lock
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    Unicode index names causing DELETE index to hang

    GitHub | 2 years ago | clintongormley Lock obtain timed out: NativeFSLock@/Users/clinton/workspace/elasticsearch/data/elasticsearch/nodes/0/indices/test-weird-index-??/2/index/write.lock

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    Root Cause Analysis


      Lock obtain timed out: org.infinispan.lucene.locking.BaseLuceneLock@1329a963

    2. Lucene
      2. org.apache.lucene.index.IndexWriter.<init>(
      2 frames