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  • Optional Parameter in ODSI
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  • TYPE003: Runtime Type Mismatch
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    • com.bea.dsp.das.exception.DASException: com.bea.dsp.wrappers.rdb.exceptions.RDBWrapperException: {ld:PhysicalLayer/test/AMT_MAP}AMT_MAP:0, line 4, column 1: {bea-err}RDBW0004: [CBoR]: [SELECT t3.c1, t3.c2, t3.c3 FROM ( SELECT ROW_NUMBER() OVER() AS c4, t2.c1, t2.c2, t2.c3 FROM ( SELECT t1."AGGREG_VIEW_ID" AS c1, t1."AMT_GRP_CD" AS c2, t1."AMT_QTY_TY_CD" AS c3 FROM "GB3A"."AMT_MAP" t1 ) t2 ) t3 WHERE (t3.c4 < 501)]: Error executing SQL query: DB2 SQL error: SQLCODE: -104, SQLSTATE: 42601, SQLERRMC: (;, FROM INTO at com.bea.dsp.das.ejb.EJBClient.invokeOperation( at com.bea.dsp.das.DataAccessServiceImpl.invokeOperation( at com.bea.dsp.das.DataAccessServiceImpl.invoke( at com.bea.dsp.ide.xquery.views.test.QueryExecutor.invokeFunctionOrProcedure( at com.bea.dsp.ide.xquery.views.test.XQueryTestViewContent.getFunctionExecutionResult(
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