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  • GitHub comment 541#231044874
    via GitHub by Mavlarn
  • pub/sub timeout
    via GitHub by pengfei-xu
  • GitHub comment 744#271464922
    via GitHub by koywang
  • GitHub comment 744#286342763
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  • GitHub comment 914#307980393
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    • org.redisson.client.RedisTimeoutException: Redis server response timeout (15000 ms) occured for command: (EVAL) with params: [if ('exists', KEYS[1]) == 0) then'hset', KEYS[1], ARGV[2], 1);'pexpire', KEYS[1], ARGV[1]); return nil; end; if ('hexists', KEYS[1], ARGV[2]) == 1) then'hincrby', KEYS[1], ARGV[2], 1);'pexpire', KEYS[1], ARGV[1]); return nil; end; return'pttl', KEYS[1]);, 1, ticket.lock.master_slave, 70000, 623be78d-901f-4b99-9580-3dcc9ca7b860:40] channel: [id: 0xfca13790, L:/ - R:/] at org.redisson.command.CommandAsyncService$[redisson-2.2.16.jar:na] at io.netty.util.HashedWheelTimer$HashedWheelTimeout.expire([netty-common-4.0.37.Final.jar:4.0.37.Final] at io.netty.util.HashedWheelTimer$HashedWheelBucket.expireTimeouts([netty-common-4.0.37.Final.jar:4.0.37.Final] at io.netty.util.HashedWheelTimer$[netty-common-4.0.37.Final.jar:4.0.37.Final] at[na:1.8.0_91]

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