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  • Map Creation exeption
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  • JDBC driver for SQLite database
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  • Error in TOOL database
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  • Hibernate fails only in batch
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    • mobac.exceptions.MapCreationException: Error writing tile image: java.sql.SQLException: disk I/O error at mobac.program.atlascreators.impl.MapTileBuilder.createTiles( at mobac.program.atlascreators.OruxMapsSqlite.createTiles( at mobac.program.atlascreators.OruxMapsSqlite.createMap( at mobac.program.AtlasThread.createMap( at mobac.program.AtlasThread.createAtlas( at Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: disk I/O error at mobac.program.atlascreators.OruxMapsSqlite$OruxMapTileWriterDB.writeTile( at mobac.program.atlascreators.impl.MapTileBuilder.createTiles( ... 5 more Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: disk I/O error at org.sqlite.DB.throwex( at org.sqlite.DB.executeBatch( at org.sqlite.PrepStmt.executeBatch( at mobac.program.atlascreators.OruxMapsSqlite$OruxMapTileWriterDB.commit( at mobac.program.atlascreators.OruxMapsSqlite$OruxMapTileWriterDB.writeTile( ... 6 more

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