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    • Unable to create injector, see the following errors: 1) No implementation for java.lang.String annotated with was bound. while locating java.lang.String annotated with for the 2nd parameter of org.graylog2.indexer.Deflector.<init>( while locating org.graylog2.indexer.Deflector for the 2nd parameter of org.graylog2.indexer.searches.Searches.<init>( while locating org.graylog2.indexer.searches.Searches for the 1st parameter of<init>( while locating for the 1st parameter of<init>( at org.graylog2.plugin.PluginModule.addRestResource( (via modules: org.graylog2.shared.bindings.PluginBindings -> 2) No implementation for java.util.Set<org.graylog2.plugin.ServerStatus$Capability> was bound. while locating java.util.Set<org.graylog2.plugin.ServerStatus$Capability> for the 2nd parameter of org.graylog2.plugin.ServerStatus.<init>( while locating org.graylog2.plugin.ServerStatus for the 11th parameter of org.graylog2.shared.journal.KafkaJournal.<init>( at org.graylog2.shared.journal.KafkaJournalModule.configure(
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