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  • Graph configuration is invalid
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  • Unable to create data domain
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    • com.endeca.opcontrol.axis2.control.ControlFault: ControlFault ERROR [main] - Error during graph initialization ! Element [1367475763377:totalReport]-Graph configuration is invalid. at org.jetel.graph.runtime.EngineInitializer.initGraph( at org.jetel.graph.runtime.EngineInitializer.initGraph( at org.jetel.main.runGraph.runGraph( at org.jetel.main.runGraph.main( Caused by: org.jetel.exception.ConfigurationException: [Bulk Add/Replace Records:ENDECA_BULK_ADD_OR_REPLACE_RECORDS0] - com.endeca.opcontrol.axis2.control.ControlFault: ControlFault at org.jetel.exception.ConfigurationProblem.toException( at org.jetel.exception.ConfigurationStatus.toException( ... 4 more
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