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  • db:: 4.51::Soap XML Client 7p
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  • Problems with document return type
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  • Codec problems
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  • IOException when running a web service
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    • javax.naming.NamingException: i/o failed http://xml . chema:string:No codec for decoding [ CodecFactory: http:/ /, =null]. Root exception is http://xml Schema:string:No codec for decoding [ CodecFactory: http: //, =null] at weblogic.soap.wsdl.binding.Part.typeToClass( at weblogic.soap.wsdl.binding.Part.toSoapType( at weblogic.soap.wsdl.binding.Message.getReturnType( at weblogic.soap.wsdl.binding.BindingOperation.populate( at weblogic.soap.wsdl.binding.Binding.populate( at weblogic.soap.wsdl.binding.Definition.populate( at weblogic.soap.WebServiceProxy.getServiceAt( at weblogic.soap.http.SoapContext.lookup( at javax.naming.InitialContext.lookup( at examples.webservices.rpc.javaClient.Client2.main(
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