Google Groups | Lydia Fu | 8 months ago
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    Can't read parquet with spark2.0

    Google Groups | 7 months ago | Unknown author Could not read footer: Could not read footer for file FileStatus{path=alluxio://master1:9000/tpctest/catalog_sales/_common_metadata; isDirectory=false; length=3654; replication=0; blocksize=0; modification_time=0; access_time=0; owner=; group=; permission=rw-rw-rw-; isSymlink=false}
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    Hadoop S3 Error

    Google Groups | 8 months ago | Amran Chen
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    [Help]How to load hive table to alluxio?

    Google Groups | 9 months ago | Leon Zhong
    java.lang.RuntimeException: Frame size (67108864) larger than max length (16777216)!
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    Re: ClientContext.init() produces error

    Google Groups | 12 months ago | Gene Pang Frame size (1213486160) larger than max length (16384000)!

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    Root Cause Analysis


      No message provided

      at alluxio.AbstractClient.checkVersion()
    2. alluxio
      1. alluxio.AbstractClient.checkVersion(
      2. alluxio.AbstractClient.connect(
      3. alluxio.AbstractClient.retryRPC(
      3 frames