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  • Error on upgrading to
    via pydev by dontaylor
    • java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to recreate the Interpreter info (Its format changed. Please, re-create your Interpreter information).Contents found:pydoc - the Python documentation tool pydoc3 <name> …     Show text documentation on something.  <name> may be the name of a     Python keyword, topic, function, module, or package, or a dotted     reference to a class or function within a module or module in a     package.  If <name> contains a '/', it is used as the path to a     Python source file to document. If name is 'keywords', 'topics',     or 'modules', a listing of these things is displayed. pydoc3 -k <keyword>     Search for a keyword in the synopsis lines of all available modules. pydoc3 -p <port>     Start an HTTP server on the given port on the local machine.  Port     number 0 can be used to get an arbitrary unused port. pydoc3 -b     Start an HTTP server on an arbitrary unused port and open a Web browser     to interactively browse documentation.  The -p option can be used with     the -b option to explicitly specify the server port. pydoc3 -g     Deprecated. pydoc3 -w <name> …     Write out the HTML documentation for a module to a file in the current     directory.  If <name> contains a '/', it is treated as a filename; if     it names a directory, documentation is written for all the contents. at org.python.pydev.ui.pythonpathconf.InterpreterInfo.fromString( at org.python.pydev.ui.interpreters.AbstractInterpreterManager.createInfoFromOutput( at org.python.pydev.ui.interpreters.PythonInterpreterManager.doCreateInterpreterInfo( at org.python.pydev.ui.interpreters.PythonInterpreterManager.internalCreateInterpreterInfo( at org.python.pydev.ui.interpreters.AbstractInterpreterManager.createInterpreterInfo( at at org.eclipse.jface.operation.ModalContext$
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