java.lang.NullPointerException | 9 months ago
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    db:: 4.97::failed to preload on startup in Web application: mm | 9 months ago

    Root Cause Analysis

    1. java.lang.NullPointerException

      No message provided

      at weblogic.wsee.wsdl.WsdlTypes.collectNamespaces()
    2. weblogic.wsee.wsdl
      1. weblogic.wsee.wsdl.WsdlTypes.collectNamespaces(
      2. weblogic.wsee.wsdl.WsdlTypes.collectNamespaces(
      3. weblogic.wsee.wsdl.WsdlTypes.collectNamespaces(
      4. weblogic.wsee.wsdl.WsdlTypes.parse(
      4 frames