com.saba.uiconfig.CombinedResourceBundle | 9 months ago
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    db:: 4.40::BEA-101020 error ac | 7 months ago com.saba.uiconfig.CombinedResourceBundle
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    Managed Server log file java.rmi.MarshalException: No SerializableException

    Oracle Community | 7 years ago | 769906 com.saba.uiconfig.CombinedResourceBundle
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    db:: 3.35::where is the bea_wls_internal/class in weblogic 7 xp | 10 months ago com.saba.uiconfig.CombinedResourceBundle
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    db:: 2.94::Alert An internal exception has occurred during discovery. related with Lync fk | 9 months ago com.saba.uiconfig.CombinedResourceBundle
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    db:: 4.92::Unmarshal exception 8j | 9 months ago com.saba.uiconfig.CombinedResourceBundle

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    Root Cause Analysis



      at weblogic.rjvm.BasicOutboundRequest.sendReceive()
    2. weblogic.rjvm
      1. weblogic.rjvm.BasicOutboundRequest.sendReceive(
      1 frame