org.openas2.WrappedException: Algorithm is null

openas2 | ftumsh | 1 decade ago
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    sending without encryption or signing

    openas2 | 1 decade ago | ftumsh
    org.openas2.WrappedException: Algorithm is null
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    SHA-256 MDN problem

    openas2 | 2 years ago | beardedmonkey
    org.openas2.WrappedException: Unknown algorithm: sha256
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    NoSuchAlgorithmException on rsa-sha1

    openas2 | 9 years ago | crownedgrouse
    org.openas2.WrappedException: Error sending MDN
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    OpenAS2 can't sign MDN with pkcs7-signature

    openas2 | 6 years ago | hughesj
    org.openas2.WrappedException: Error sending MDN

    Root Cause Analysis


      Algorithm is null

      at org.openas2.lib.helper.BCCryptoHelper.convertAlgorithm()
    2. org.openas2.lib
      1. org.openas2.lib.helper.BCCryptoHelper.convertAlgorithm(Unknown Source)
      2. org.openas2.lib.helper.BCCryptoHelper.calculateMIC(Unknown Source)
      2 frames