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  • via Oracle Community by 569700, 1 year ago
    This exception has no message.
  • via Oracle Community by 659638, 1 year ago
    This exception has no message.
  • via Oracle Community by 878078, 11 months ago
    This exception has no message.
  • Stack trace

    • com.collaxa.cube.CubeException at com.collaxa.cube.lang.compiler.template.CubeProcessGenerator.code( at com.collaxa.cube.lang.compiler.template.CubeProcessGenerator.generate( at com.collaxa.cube.lang.compiler.BPEL1Processor.transform( at com.collaxa.cube.lang.compiler.BPEL1Processor.process( at com.collaxa.cube.lang.compiler.CubeParserHelper.compile( at oracle.fabric.bpel.bpelc.BPELComponentValidator.validate( at oracle.soa.scac.ValidateComposite.validateComponentTypeServicesReferences( at oracle.soa.scac.ValidateComposite.doValidation0( at oracle.soa.scac.ValidateComposite.doValidation( at oracle.soa.scac.ValidateComposite.run0( at at oracle.soa.scac.ValidateComposite.main( Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: ORABPEL-09706 Could not initialize variable. An error occurs while initializing BPEL variable varNotificationReq at line 97; the schema processor cannot find type {}EmailPayloadType for part oracle.fabric.common.wsdl.SchemaManager@df5cbd6 in the following schemas: {4}. The XSD type on which the variable was based was not properly defined in XSD or the WSDL. Ensure that the type named in the error message is valid in the WSDL. at com.collaxa.cube.lang.compiler.util.CXBPELVariableInitializer.preInitializeMessageVariable( at com.collaxa.cube.lang.compiler.util.CXBPELVariableInitializer.initializeVariables( at at at at com.collaxa.cube.lang.compiler.template.CubeProcessGenerator$ClassGenerator.printClass( at com.collaxa.cube.lang.compiler.template.CubeProcessGenerator.printBlock( at at at at at at at com.collaxa.cube.lang.compiler.template.CubeProcessGenerator.generateCreateMap( at com.collaxa.cube.lang.compiler.template.CubeProcessGenerator.code( ... 11 more

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