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  • Embedded LDAP crashes
    via by 913187,
  • WebLogic embedded LDAP crashes
    via Server Fault by Spiff
  • Error - Weblogic 9.2 -
    via by nps.ferreira,
  • Uncaught Throwable in processSockets in SocketMuxer
    via by Hugo Contreras,
  • Oracle WebLogic Domain Compliance Standards
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    • java.lang.NullPointerException at weblogic.socket.DevPollSocketMuxer.cleanupSocket( at weblogic.socket.DevPollSocketMuxer.cancelIo( at weblogic.socket.SocketMuxer.deliverExceptionAndCleanup( at weblogic.socket.SocketMuxer.deliverEndOfStream( at weblogic.ldap.MuxableSocketLDAP$LDAPSocket.close( at com.octetstring.vde.Connection.close( at com.octetstring.vde.WorkThread.executeWorkQueueItem( at at$ at at
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