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    When a member (Variables, methods, and constructors) is private, it is only accessible within the same class as it is declared. Attempting to access or instantiate it from another class would throw java.lang.IllegalAccessException exception.

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via ormlite by jeroenr-crolox
, 1 year ago
Unable to run stmt on object com.crolox.testOrmLite.MultiThreadingTest$TestModel@589d4d84: INSERT INTO "TESTMODEL" ("string1" ) VALUES (?)
via ormlite by jaxelrod
, 1 year ago
Unable to run stmt on object com.zoomabug.flashcards.item_and_category.ItemLearningData@303bc257: INSERT INTO `ItemLearningData` (`date_learn` ,`interval` ,`grade` ,`easiness` ,`acq_reps` ,`ret_reps` ,`lapses` ,`acq_reps_since_lapse` ,`ret_reps_since_lapse` ) VALUES (?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?)
via Stack Overflow by Rubicon
, 2 years ago
Unable to run insert stmt on object com.myapp.tester.Article@7a36824: INSERT INTO `articles` (`category` ,`storyid` ,`body` ,`added` ) VALUES (?,?,?,?)
via Stack Overflow by David
, 2 years ago
SQL statement failed: CREATE INDEX `VlpTag_tagValue_idx` ON `VlpTag` ( `tagValue` )
via ormlite by *anonymous
, 1 year ago
SQL statement failed: CREATE INDEX `test_some_field_idx` ON `test` ( `some_field` )
via Stack Overflow by Kenny Seyffarth
, 2 years ago
Problems executing INSERT OR REPLACE INTO localDb.table_items (createdAt_device, updatedAt_device, _id, column_1, column_2, column_3, column_4, column_5, column_6) SELECT createdAt_device, updatedAt_device, _id, column_1, column_2, column_3
java.lang.IllegalAccessException: Class com.j256.ormlite.field.FieldType can not access a member of class com.crolox.testOrmLite.MultiThreadingTest$TestModel with modifiers "private"	at sun.reflect.Reflection.ensureMemberAccess(	at java.lang.reflect.Field.doSecurityCheck(	at java.lang.reflect.Field.getFieldAccessor(	at java.lang.reflect.Field.set(	at com.j256.ormlite.field.FieldType.assignField(	at com.j256.ormlite.field.FieldType.assignIdValue(	at com.j256.ormlite.stmt.mapped.MappedCreate.assignIdValue(	at com.j256.ormlite.stmt.mapped.MappedCreate.createWithGeneratedId(	at com.j256.ormlite.stmt.mapped.MappedCreate.insert(	at com.j256.ormlite.stmt.StatementExecutor.create(	at com.j256.ormlite.dao.BaseDaoImpl.create(	at com.j256.ormlite.dao.BaseDaoImpl.createOrUpdate(	at com.crolox.testOrmLite.MultiThreadingTest$